Diagnostic ECG


12-Lead ECG Workstation
The SE-1202 is equipped with exquisite glass-covered surface which supports easy cleaning and dis- infection. Besides, the powerful hardware and soft tools ensure excellent performance in each practice.


18-Lead ECG Workstation
The flexible lead system enables users to select the applicable leads according to clinical requirements. Advanced features are also supported, including Pharma Study, HRV, VCG, TVCG, and SAECG.

SE-12 Series

12-Channel ECG
The SE-12 Series ECG devices support your diagnosis with trustful references, satisfying every demanding need of your practice. With different models targeted in different practices, you may choose accordingly for resting ECG, stress test, or mobile applications.

SE-601 Series

Multi-Channel ECG
Integraded with its alphanumeric keyboard, built-in rechargeable battery and large storage capacity, the SE-601 Series is prepared to be carried through your daily practices.

SE-301 Series

Portable Multi-Channel ECG
The SE-301 is the new generation multi-channel ECG, which incorporates the advanced technologies and innovative design in an extremely compact and lightweight body.


3-Channel ECG
The SE-3 and SE-300 are compact 3-channel ECG devices that enable 12-lead simultaneous sampling and displaying. With the quick start capability and one-button workflow, they can be your reliable assistant anytime on duty.


Single-Channel ECG
The SE-1 and SE-100 are compact single-channel ECG that record ECG waveforms in real-time. Sampling from a standard 12-lead system, it displays clear traces with real-time heart rate, and records real-time traces of user-selected leads.


ECG Workstation
Combining exquisite ECG sampling boxes and comprehensive software together, the SE-1515 provides efficient access to: resting ECG test, stress test, ECG data management and ECG network gateway.


Tablet-Based ECG
PADECG consists of a professional ECG APP and a wireless ECG acquisition module, enabling ECG testing on both Android and iOS tablet. Its APP provides an intuitive interface and user-friendly workflow, bringing a brand new ECG experience with familiar resting ECG operations on regular tablets.